A neon sign resembling a Instagram notification bubble indicating there are zero likes.
Image: Prateek Katyal

Fun fact about most social media professionals: we hate flyers.

In the age of digital communication, flyers don’t exactly fit in, yet social media managers are constantly asked to publish them online to help promote a variety of events and initiatives.

You may be adamant about your flyer being posted…

The Facebook notification bell used as a pattern. Each bell shows an excessive number of notifications.

Most social media managers absolutely hate the fact that Facebook requires you to have a personal profile in order to manage a Facebook Page. It’s a sneaky way for the platform to effectively keep its user numbers high. …

The stickers menu from Instagram showing a sticker for captions in addition to stickers for mentions and locations.

Captions for your Instagram story videos have finally arrived! Sort of.

Industry leader Matt Navarra gave a sneak preview of the new captions sticker for Instagram stories via his Twitter account, and I, of course, had to go try the feature out immediately.

At first glance, the tool works…

Alexa Heinrich

Award-winning Social Media Manager in Florida. Advocate for digital accessibility and inclusive content. Former Chicagoan. www.therealalexa.com

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