My name is pronounced UH-LEKS-UH HINE-RICK, but call me Alex. Please, no Amazon jokes. I'm a social media strategist and professional speaker specializing in accessibility.

I'm also a millennial who relocated from Chicago to St. Petersburg, Florida. Chicago will always be home to me, and it's where I got my B.F.A. in Advertising Art Direction from Columbia College Chicago in 2013.

When I'm not working my 9–5 as the Social Media Manager for St. Petersburg College, I'm overseeing Accessible Social, an online resource I developed hub for content creators, or making people laugh through Social Media Tea, a user-generated content project and my side business.

In 2020, I was the winner of Sprout Social's "Always On" Award and was voted "Marketer of the Year" the following year for the Higher Education Social Media community.

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Alexa Heinrich

Alexa Heinrich

Award-winning social media strategist in Florida. Advocate for digital accessibility and inclusive content. Former Chicagoan.