Fleets Have Finally Arrived

Twitter rolled out its long-awaited stories feature in the U.S. today

Screenshot of the top of the Twitter app showing circles that indicate people have posted Fleets.

Whether content creators like it or not (and most are leaning towards not), Fleets for Twitter are finally here. This is the bird app’s own version of stories, a feature that Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and, most recently, LinkedIn all have in some capacity.

Similar to its counterparts on the other platforms, Fleets will disappear after 24 hours and video Fleets can only be 30 seconds long. An impressive part of Twitter’s stories function is the fact that you can add alt text to your still Fleets, something that the other social media platforms have yet to figure out.

Alt text is a short physical description of an image and is important because it makes images accessible for disabled people who use a screen reader to consume digital content.

This is a huge step towards making Twitter a more accessible platform, one that the other social media sites should be furiously working to replicate and launch if they’re serious about their platforms being inclusive.

It should be noted that captioning within the Fleets tool does not seem possible yet, but you can easily use an external app like Clipomatic or Kapwing to record a captioned video and then upload it to Fleets. Hopefully, Twitter will update Fleets soon to include in-app captioning.

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