Goodbye Facebook Notifications

How to split your personal and professional alerts

Most social media managers absolutely hate the fact that Facebook requires you to have a personal profile in order to manage a Facebook Page. It’s a sneaky way for the platform to effectively keep its user numbers high. It also creates a massive headache for page managers because there’s virtually no way for us to split our personal and professional notifications without creating a second profile, which goes against the Community Standards for Facebook.

At least that’s what I thought until this morning.

I like to double-check my settings for Facebook at least once a month. This ensures that all of my privacy and security settings are exactly how I want them and that the platform hasn’t mysteriously changed anything.

On a whim, I popped into the Notifications Settings for my personal profile this morning. If you’re on Facebook via the desktop version, you can easily do this by clicking the notification bell in the upper right corner of your screen and then clicking the three little dots that appear in the upper right of the drop-down. There will be an option for Notification Settings next to an icon of a gear.

Imagine my surprise when I clicked into Notification Settings and noticed that it looked slightly different. Not only did it look updated, but there was suddenly a slot for Pages You Manage. Now, I have no idea when this was updated. Facebook makes changes all the time, and if an update isn’t deemed high-level by the platform, we more than likely aren’t going to hear about it.

But this particular update is a big deal to me. I manage 29 Facebook pages and all of their notifications mix with my personal profile’s notifications on the desktop version of Facebook and the mobile app despite the fact that the platform has apps like Business Suite and its predecessor, Page Manager, which are solely for the management of Facebook pages.

This drives me spare most days, especially because I’m not someone who feels they can just turn off notifications for my apps completely. I work for a college in the middle of a global pandemic. I need page notifications. I just don’t need them mixed in with my personal ones.

Anyway, back to how to split your personal and professional notifications.

If you’ve made it to your Notification Settings and you click the slot marked Pages You Manage, it should expand to show every Facebook page you’re an admin or editor for. Click whichever page you no longer want to receive notifications for when you’re on your personal profile. You’ll be taken to another screen where you’ll see toggle options for different settings.

If you toggle the very first setting, Allow Notifications, to off, you should no longer see notifications for that page mixed with notifications for your personal profile. And because this was a setting for your personal notifications, it should only affect you and not anyone else who manages a page with you.

I tested this by switching to my personal profile and liking a few recent posts for some of the smaller pages that I manage. There was no notification mixed in with my personal notifications or on the Facebook app, but the notification still showed up in the Business Suite app and on the Facebook Pages directory page, which is exactly what I wanted.

While I would love to be able to delete my Facebook profile completely, this is at least a nice way to add a layer of separation between my personal life and my professional one.

Award-winning Social Media Manager in Florida. Advocate for digital accessibility and inclusive content. Former Chicagoan.

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